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Welcome to Vertex Users

Here we introduce you to users of VERTEX modules and offer them a sincere welcome to the VERTEX User Group. We hope they will make full use of these pages and look forward to their input.

Welcome to:

  • Black Milk Clothing of Brisbane, Australia.
  • LVK Babywear in Bangalore, India.
  • Sunspel Manufacturing in Long Eaton, UK.
  • P K International of Gujarat, India.
  • RFD Beaufort (Safety Equipment) in Birkenhead, UK.
  • Jay Jay Mills of Avissawela, Sri Lanka.
  • Performance Manufacturing in Thailand.
  • Skola Uniforms of Brisbane, Australia.
  • Caldeira - The Cushion Factory in Knowsley, UK.
  • Another Jeweltex factory in Morocco.
  • Ravikumar Indian Designs of Bangalore.
  • Structure-Flex of Billingham, UK.
  • NNE Manufacturing - the "Next" factory in Sri Lanka.
  • Europa Garments in Bangalore, India.
  • Alpha Garments in Bangalore, India.
  • First Steps Babywear in Bangalore, India.
  • Jaguar (PVT) Limited in Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  • The Classic Apparel menswear factory in Fiji.
  • Jeweltex - MAST Industries factory unit in the Maldives.
  • Madura Garments in Bangalore, India.

Also, we have been pleased to note the following Vertex users who decided to extend their systems with other modules in the Vertex range. If you are undecided about integrating you might like to be put in touch - just e-mail or give us a call on (44) 1476 563188

  • Poppy's Knitwear have also installed Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • Manchester Hosiery of Hinckley, UK - added Vertex Raw Materials Control
  • P K International have added Vertex Raw Materials Control.
  • Sunspel Manufacturing also adopted Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • P K International also installed Time & Attendance at Gujarat.
  • Bodywrappers Inc. in New Jersey, USA - added Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • Citifax of Corby, UK - added Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • Manchester Hosiery of Hinckley, UK - added Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • Gransfors Bruks Inc., USA, added Vertex Time & Attendance.
  • Caldeira, St Helens, UK - added Vertex Raw Materials Control.
  • Mortex of Coventry, UK - added Vertex Time & Attendance.

People who can help!

This is a new feature in the Vertex web site. Because of our long association with manufacturers around the world, we have often been asked for advice regarding the employment of consultants. In particular, when new production lines or units are to be set up or existing lines converted to more modern working methods, the help of knowledgeable and reliable advisors can be invaluable. We have in the past been able to recommend people who we know from our own experience to be expert, dependable and cost-effective.

These introductions have led to successful contracts and served to build our own reputation for effective support. So if you have a situation developing which could use some available expertise, maybe in a new production unit overseas or nearer to home, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We must emphasise that we play no part in negotiating terms or contracts and charge no fees. Our service is simply to recommend and to put the parties in touch. The calibre of our people can be gleaned from the examples which follow below.

  • Denis McAtee - trading as VertexPlus(Australia), Denis brings unrivalled experience of installing and operating Vertex products from early days with Strathclyde Knitwear in Irvine, Scotland, to the present via Skola Uniforms and Black Milk Clothing, both of Brisbane, Australia. His team has developed procedures to install and operate Vertex Plus on factory systems using Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems with 64-bit construction. This expertise affords unprecedented ability to apply the well-proven methodology of Vertex Plus to modern production lines. If you need this capability then Denis is your man.
  • Lincoln Banks - extensive production experience in an executive and industrial engineering capacity - lately of Baird Menswear Group. Contracted to Textile Industries Company in Egypt to review and refine production for Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Paul Cooper - has held responsible engineering and factory management positions for Dewhirst UK, Dewhirst Indonesia, Dewhirst Morocco, Grasshopper, Quantum Cambodia and Gloria Vanderbilt Jordan. Commensurate with this background, Paul brings considerable expertise to bear. A detailed CV for this expert industrial engineer is available on request.
  • Tom Shepard and Betty Hinton - operating in the East Coast states of the USA, Tom and Betty provide an expert consultancy service to apparel manufacturers. They bring to bear substantial knowledge of Vertex systems and considerable expertise covering all aspects of garment manufacture from line commissioning to supply chain management and offshore production. If you would like to be put in contact with Tom and Betty, do use the "contact us" facility and we will be delighted to forward your enquiry.

Good News from VERTEX Users..

The moves by many UK companies towards manufacturing off-shore have been accompanied by excellent reports on how useful VERTEX Plus has been in this context. Courtaulds (Sara Lee) and Coats Viyella (Quantum) in particular take advantage of the ease by which data can be collected off-shore, formatted and transmitted back to UK in data-base form. Vertex Plus has a link to the BPCS system used by Sara Lee - for more details of this link please e-mail.

We continue to be pleasantly surprised by user's contributions to our development work, particularly with new ventures. In this context SECO Aluminium played a major part in perfecting our stillage tracking system, while Fashionwear and Shadowline have played a similar role with the new Stock & BOMs module.

We note with pleasure the coverage Clothing World gave to one of our most dynamic users, Kearsley Manufacturing of Bolton. Every picture tells its tale and the one below, reproduced by kind permission of the Editor, seems to reflect their success.

Pictured above at Kearsley Manufacturing in Bolton, achievers of the Investors in People Standard, are Barbara Bond, Administrator; Nick Medina, Managing Director; and Robert Wright, Method Study Manager.

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