Current Workshop Projects

Denotes completed and embodied in the latest issue.
Denotes scheduled and in work.

*Note 1 - upgrade is operating in system but user manual needs further amendment.

Conversion of remaining 16-bit calls to 32-bit.
Embodiment of methods to speed first-time data entry.
Development and issue of "Getting Started With Vertex" booklet.
Amend Time & Attendance to specify employee clocking point.
Extend Time & Attendance to use 32 swipe stations.
Upgrade Time & Attendance to automate recording of off-standard time.
Addition of a facility to classify manual adjustments as excess costs.
Development of the Vertex Integrated Time & Attendance Module.
Defect Recording and Analysis facility - tracking those downgrades!
Conversion of the PC-Checkmate Programme to run under Windows.
Add operation descriptions to the Operations Analysis Utility. (*Note 1)
Workload Analysis reports from Vertex Plus to ease line balancing.
Development of the Multi-User PC-NetCheckMate programme.
Increase the maximum number of employees in a team to 50.
Inclusion of 'contracted hours' as a report generator field.
Provision for 'upgrading' bundles as well as 'downgrading'.
Lay Plan entry for the automatic printing of bundle tickets.
Modified interface to the BPCS Management System.
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