Ceres Systems Limited Privacy Policy

Last updated 28th May, 2024

Ceres Systems Limited respects the privacy concerns of all users of its services. This includes users of its Vertex Production Control Systems and also of its casual Android Apps downloaded or purchased through the Google Apps (Google Play) website. (A list of our current apps appears below.)

Users of our Vertex Production Control systems agree personally to a separate and individual License Agreement which includes a specific Privacy Agreement covering e-Mails, advice and support, remote support via TeamViewer services and the handling of confidential manufacturing information relating to the user's commercial activities. This arrangement does not apply to users of our Android Apps who are covered by the following terms:

Users of the Android Apps listed below have their privacy protected as follows:

1. Ceres Systems Limited does not collect or record any user information of a personal nature, be it e-mail addresses, URLs or an individual's details of any class or type. Our apps contain no advertisments of any kind.

2. Ceres Systems Limited does not collect details of a user's device or method of access apart from functions regarding device status which are inbuilt into the programming language used to devise the app itself or to determine the app's suitability for your device. Ceres Systems Limited does not record any user information or device details gathered by these functions.

3. It follows from 1. and 2. above that Ceres Systems Limited cannot and does not pass on user information to any third party or advertiser.

4. Whereas Google control and run their Google Apps (Google Play) site they may access or record a user's information independently of Ceres Systems Limited. Please refer to the Google Privacy Policy for details if you are concerned about any data they may collect.

We may occasionally revise our privacy policy by posting the changes here.

List of Android Apps covered by this policy:

1. Caddy Card
2. Which Resistor
3. CheckMate2

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